Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Crown Jewel of Nutrimetics

The story of Nutrimetics is a fascinating one, and it began in 1961 when a young man named Mulford Nobbs, who suffered from poor health, searched the world for keys to a long and healthy life. His search lead him to the Hunza Valley, located in an isolated corner of the Himalayas.

Thanks to the natural lifestyle and organic and pesticide-free food they consumed, the Hunzakuts lived in perfect physical and mental health to well over 100 years of age. Not only that however, but their skin was soft and youthful (remarkable in such a harsh physical environment), which could only be attributed to the generous use of the oil extracted from the apricot kernel.

The oil from the apricot kernel is used by the Hunzakuts in every aspect of their lives, from food preparation and medicinal purposes to skin protection from the harsh elements of the sun, snow and wind.

Nobbs was so impressed with the apricot kernel oil that he took a sample of it home with him (clearly before the strict quarantine laws of today) and Nutri-Rich Oil was born, now the Crown Jewel of the Nutrimetics range.

Apricot kernel oil is the foundation ingredient in both Nutri-Rich Oil and Nutri-Rich Oil EL
(Extra light) and while it comes from a large family of vegetable derived oils, Apricot Kernel oil is in a class of its own. This is because the level of fatty acids found in Apricot Kernel Oil is very similar to those found in the skin, so its ability to promote and retain suppleness and elasticity is far superior to other oils. It is also very high in anti-aging Vitamins A & E, which protect the skin and promote cell regeneration, key factors for retaining smooth youthful-looking skin.

PRIMARY USE It was originally made to be used as a night crème. Its concentrated formula softens the skin while minimizing lines and wrinkles and fading scars. However, it can be used for many other purposes:

Cradle Cap, Hot Oil treatment for hair
Repairs split ends/fly away hair.
Psoriasis of the scalp
Promotes healthy hair growth (With weekly oil massage into scalp)

Cold sores. Cracked Lips
Concentrated Night Crème
Excellent for Mature skin
Heals sunburn and Windburn
Excellent for skiers as a Wind block
Promotes Nail Growth
Repairs cracked Skin
Repairs rough Dry Hands
(For intensive moisturizing rub Nutri-rich oil onto hands and cover with gloves for half an hour or overnight)

Repairs cracked Heels. (For intensive moisturizing, rub into heels before bed
& put on some socks.)
Helps heal Tinea.

Heals most Dermatitis & Eczema
Heals scars & dry Skin   
Stops Dry Itchy rashes
Helps Heals Stretch Marks
Heals Nappy–Rash
Heals Burns (scars)
Heals Warts (not planters)
Heals stop itching of Mosquito
Heals Mosquito bites/Sand-fly bites plus acts as a Mozzie repellent

Dry, scaly elbows, knees and feet
Heals Sore/Cracked Nipples
Heals and sooths haemorrhoids
Also great to use on your dogs coat for a healthy shine, plus great for mange and dry patches on their skin

Nutri-Rich oil is so versatile it can literally be used from head to toe!
Did you know that Nutrimetics has Nutri-Rich oil in different forms?
Lip care                                    Satin Spray                                              Body Creme

Shower Oil                                                      Nutri-Rich EL (Extra Light)
 Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


In the world of microdermabrasion, the options and equipment seem to be endless and to many, it can be a costly ongoing treatment. But what is it, how does it work, why use it and which treatment should I use?

Microdermabrasion is a combination of three words: 'micro' (meaning on a microscopic level) 'derm' (meaning skin) and 'abrasion' (meaning rubbing down).

As you can see in the picture on the left, there are many layers of skin. The top layer is actually called the epidermis, with the very top being a layer of dead skin cells.

The layer of dead skin cells is both good and bad, depending on your point of view. The good thing it does is protect the new skin forming underneath from damage, from things like environmental pollution, UV damage and dehydration.

In healthy skin, once the new skin is mature enough, the dead skin cell layer will naturally fall away during daily activities (adding to all the lovely dust in our homes). However, most people don't have fully healthy skin (I know I don't!) and that's when the layer of dead skin cells becomes a problem.

Often due to many varying factors such as diet, sun damage, stress, dehydration or even genetics the dead skin is almost trapped to the surface causing blocked pores, blemishes, oily skin and even wrinkles (there are also a host of other problems with skin such as the skin cells reproducing too quickly, allergies and sensitivities; however there are usually other underlying problems that may cause this, and microdermabrasion would not be the recommended treatment).

Microdermabrasion works by using an abrasive tool or medium to remove the top layer of the skin - the dead skin cells; like special sandpaper just for your skin. The abrasive tool or medium simply rubs off the dead skin.

There are three standard abrasive materials used as the tool or medium for microdermabrasion, these are diamond, quartz and aluminium.  Diamond is the most expensive option for microdermabrasion, and is more frequently used in a tool rather than in a medium. Quartz and Aluminium are most common in the medium based microdermabrasion kits, with aluminium being the cheaper of the two options.

Nutrimetics uses micro-fine quartz crystals in their microdermabrasion medium, which allows you to carefully and effectively polish away tired and dead skin cells, without stripping the skin, to reveal a more radiant complexion. It also contains lavender flower extract to soothe and calm the skin.

The Nutrimetics Microdermabrasion Kit contains two parts: the Resurfacer and the Rehydrator. The resurfacer is the microdermabrasion part, and the rehydrator is a light, soft and silky lotion with micro-encapsulated Sea Buckthorn Oil to rehydrate the skin, combine with SPF (sun protection factor) 25 to help protect against further damaging effects of the sun.

The rehydrator step is important, as resurfacing your skin can increase it's sensitivity to the sun; therefore it is important that you rehydrate after resurfacing, to ensure you having continued sunscreen protection.

Microdermabrasion allows you to effectively resurface the upper layers of the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; smooth imperfections to reveal a more radiant complexion and even the skin tone and refine the skin texture. Its what we all want isn't it? Lovely smooth, creamy and radiant skin.

Just a word of warning, don't use this product more than twice a week as it is so effective that, instead of leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant, it will be red and raw!

You can order online from my shop now!

Monday, 14 November 2011

What Anti-Ageing Technology?

 What is ageing? What causes ageing? How is Restore going to reduce the signs of ageing? These are common questions which I am often asked, so if you've been asking the same questions, this post is for you.

What is ageing?
Ageing is the process of becoming old, which is to say, the gradual degradation of our bodies. Can we stop it? No. Can we slow it down? With proper diet and skin care, we can stop it happening so fast; or rather slow it down to it's natural rate, to before environmental damage. People in different countries from around the world show signs of ageing at different rates, simply because of their diet and the amount of UV light they are exposed to. 

What causes ageing?
For those of you that don't read French, here's my explanation... 

What mainly causes skin to age is a lack of moisture and the UV rays - either from the sun or from UV lights and tanning beds. Then, as you grow older, the amount of collagen and elastin which the skin naturally produces, decreases (from around the age of 25) and when you hit about 35, production stops completely - naturally. 
Lack of moisture (both from the environment and not drinking enough water) causes the skin cells to shrink and shrivel, UV rays break down the skin cells (this is called oxidising, just like metal rusting), which then cause free radicals. Free radicals are which can end up causing cancer in some cases - skin cancer or if the free radicals get into the blood, they can end up anywhere and cause problems all over the body. Antioxidants do just that - they stop the skin cells from oxidising and neutralise free radicals (when present in the skin) and antioxidants in our food do the same for our blood etc. 
Lack of water and the breaking down of skin cells due to UV and environmental damage is what causes visible signs of ageing, namely wrinkles and pigmentation. 
Collagen keeps the skin looking plump, and elastin keeps the shape of the skin. UV ray damage can cause the collagen and elastin to break down earlier than 35 though.

How does Restore work?
NEW Restore is formulated with antioxidant-rich Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate, to rewind the visible signs of skin ageing: Diminishing the appearance of pigmentation, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and enhancing skin radiance for a more beautiful, youthful-looking complexion. 
Restore is developed by the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab for all people concerned with the signs of ageing – wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness. The key active complex is Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate which is made up of three ingredients:
Grape Seed Extract: Antioxidant-rich to protect the skin from premature ageing.
Vitamin C Concentrate: Proven to boost Collagen production and reduce the formation of Melanin
Peptides: Enhance the skin’s firmness, so the complexion looks smoother and more supple.
Peptides – are made up of amino acids – the building structures from which skin proteins are made. Functions of peptides in skincare can include stimulating collagen, stimulating capillary formation and repair, enhancing natural antioxidant defense mechanisms and promoting connective tissue production.
Peptides have been found to reduce wrinkles by up to 50%, and produced faster and similar results than retinol (although not better) over a shorter period of time.
So, are you ready to Restore?
       Purchase your own skin care set that's right for your skin type today!
        Nutrimetics Shop

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Not Just Skincare and Makeup

When you think of Nutrimetics, what usually comes to mind?

  • Skincare?
  • Makeup?
  • Lotions and Potions?
  • Cleaning products?
Wait... what was that last one? Cleaning products??? What the ...??

The last thing most people expect from Nutrimetics is cleaning products, and yet Nutri-Clean is a staple in thousands of households across Australia and New Zealand, as they are formulated with nature’s best cleaning ingredients and are free from phosphates.

 No harsh chemicals (all our cleaning products are dermatalogically tested except Hevi-Clean), no product fillers (ingredients there just to take up space) and environmentally friendly!
Plus you could have them delivered to your door, saving you time and money and some heavy lifting. 

So what's available in our Nutri-Clean range? I'm glad you asked!

Nutri-Clean CLC
 (Controlled Laundry Concentrate)
Available in both 1 ltr and 5 ltrs
  • Biodegradeable
  • Phosphate-free
  • Will not irritate or dry out the most sensitive of skins
  • Suitable for use with all fabrics in cold, warm or hot water
  • Makes clothes look brighter, makes whites look whiter
  • Fast dissolving
  • Economical – concentrated to use less
  • Also suitable for hand-washing

In top loading machines you only need 30mL for a normal load, in front loading machines, just 15mL!

Plus, because it has no added fillers, it will keep your washing machine cleaner for longer, saving you money on repairs. 
So, for a front loading machine, 1 ltr will give you about 65 washes!

Nutri-Clean FSC
(Fabric Softener Concentrate)
This product has only been recently developed and it's new to Nutrimetics this year.
Most fabric softeners owe their softening properties to the use of tallow, a substance derived from animal fat. NutriClean FSC  is free from tallow, instead using a pure vegetable base to soften clothes gently, yet effectively.
  • Leaves clothes soft, smooth and lightly fragranced
  • Concentrated formula (use just 25mL for a normal load)
  • Fast dissolving formula with no residues
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients and phosphates
  • Biodegradable
  • Makes clothes easier to iron and reduces static cling
  • Suitable for delicate fabrics

Nutri-Clean Hevi-Clean
(Heavy Duty Concentrate)
Available both in 1 and 5 litres.

A biodegradable heavy-duty cleanser formulated to dissolve deep-down dirt, ground-in grime, embedded soil and grease. A versatile cleaner that can be used on any washable non-porous hard surface.
  • Concentrated for economical usage
  • Biodegradable heavy-duty cleanser

I've found this product great for lifting up oil stains on my drive-way, especially just before rent inspections! It's also great in the shower to get rid of hard water marks on my glass shower doors and tiles.
I would assume it also works on soap scum, but as I'm using Nutrimetics shower gels, scrubs and oils, I don't have much soap scum in my shower any more, except that which may come from my shampoo.
I love having a shower that's easy to keep clean!

Nutri-Clean OLC
(Original Lotion Concentrate)
Available in both 1 and 5 litres. 

Both my and most people's favourite of all Nutri-Clean products as it cleans almost everything.

A must for every home, this remarkably versatile cleaner is clinically proven to be gentle on the skin and is an ideal fruit and vegetable wash.

  • Biodegradable, all-purpose household cleanser
  • Highly versatile
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Repels lint and dust
  • Free from phosphates, formaldehyde, chlorine, phenols, bleaches and disinfectant
  • Non-alkaline
Cleans kitchens, bathrooms, windows and upholstery. A small amount can be used in water to rinse fruit and vegetables to remove all traces of pesticides and insecticides.

 This product is great for washing dishes (it doesn't aggrevate my eczema at all, no matter what the water temperature is like), washing my dog (she hasn't had skin problems since I've started using it on her, and everyone loves how soft and silky her hair is), as a hand wash; and once when I was in need (because I ran out of the recommended product and it was the weekend and the shops were closed), I used it the steam carpet cleaner (aka Britex) and was very pleased to find that it did a better job in removing dirt from the carpet, left the carpet softer once it was dry and I needed a fraction of the amount of detergent! What a saving! A bottle of the recommended heavy carpet cleaner costs around $8 and usually is enough to clean the carpets in my house twice. I barely used 100mL of OLC. Also, I had some old sticky stains, thanks to my dog, on the carpet in my room. I rubbed a little OLC on them before 'steam cleaning' them, and they're completely gone without a trace!

What can I say, but I LOVE this product! It is so versatile!

You can order the set (as seen in the top picture) which includeds 1 litre of all the NutriClean products, the 2 microfibers, 2 spray bottles and the cleaning caddy for just $85! You'll be all set for spring cleaning in no time! 

Do you use NutriClean at all? What's your favourite product? Which would you like to try for yourself?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Are you ready to Fling into Spring?

Check out this month's specials with Nutrimetics!
See the brand new Illusion colour palettes!

nc Illusion Colour Palette
Take yourself on a mystical voyage, transporting you to a land of fantasy with the NC Colour Palette. Inspired by the mystery of untold dreams and unseen worlds, the NC Illusion Colour Palette comprises four eyeshadow shades of Sapphire with hints of Silver, sparkling Emerald with hints of Gold and an Amber and Ivory to created a magical eye look.

nc Blush Bronzing Compact
Take yourself on a mystical voyage, transporting you to a land of fantasy with the NC Illusion Blush Bronzing Compact. Inspired by the mystery of untold dreams and unseen worlds, create your own feminine charm with this sun-kissed bronzer, blush and illuminator. With a blend of four shades you can add some magic to your complexion in seconds.

September 'Spring Fling' Brochure.pdf

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's Almost that Time of Year Again!

Yes that's right, with the end of August comes the beginning of Spring and September and after that? Summer and Christmas!
So, are you ready for Christmas? What about your hip pocket?
I looked in mine and *cough cough, splutter splutter*, it definitely needs some loving if it's going to make it through the Summer.
How about Christmas presents this year? Are you ready to hit the shops?
No? Me either.
So why not shop from home? Even better, why not shop from home, from your own account which saves you 20% on your purchases on top of things which are already on sale and have it delivered to your door!

With summer comes the sun and the heat, so make sure you're armed and ready to protect yourself from those nasty wrinkle forming UV rays with sunscreen for you and your family. Why not get that bronzed look this year without damaging your skin? Check out all the  Suncare options from Nutrimetics.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Importance of the Toner

  • Do you know the value of your toner?
  • Do you use a toner?
  • Do you know toning before moisturising saves you money?

Lets have a look at the three things a good toner does...

The toner should be used to rinse away the last traces of cleanser and dirt from your skin however, if you are a good rinser when cleansing, the toner can be applied as a spray or applied by hand (ie splash a bit of toner on the palm of your hand, spread between both hands and then wipe over your face).

This is actually the most important job of a toner.
Cleansing changes your skin's pH (it's acidity/alkalinity) and it effectively becomes 'unbalanced'. The pH of your skin is actually naturally acidic, as a form of defence from different bacteria which we encounter everyday. If you don't tone after cleansing, your skin has to work to balance itself again. This can typically take a couple of hours, making any moisturiser you put on after cleansing ineffective as the skin  basically rejects everything until it is balanced. The moisturiser then just sits on top of the skin and can be easily brushed off while it's waiting to be absorbed.

The moisturiser is the most expensive item in any skin care set, yet if you're not toning, you're basically washing it away. Toning allows the moisturiser to be absorbed immediately into the skin and because it's immediate, your skin actually receives the moisture it needs; so you'll actually use less of it, thus saving you money.

Typically all toners should refine the pores in your skin. Refining is important, because it's in your pores that the dirt gets trapped or the pores themselves become blocked which causes blemishes to form. Toners also refine by softening the structures of the pores (as do moisturisers) to enable them to reduce in size.

A toner should NOT contain alcohol!!
Even though alcohol is an astringent (a substance that causes the contraction of body tissues - usually used for wounds) it has more of a negative effect on your face. This is because it also has a drying effect, but when the skin is dried, it produces more oil to help compensate for the dryness and prevent further moisture loss.

That being said, none of Nutrimetics' toners contain alcohol! Yay!! So do your face and your pocket a favour and use a toner!

Check out what toners Nutrimetics has for your skin type here.